shit vehicles and delightfully

adorned rentals

Rental vans

Sturdy. Dependable. Roomy. Easy to modify and (usually) insured. Quite shit at off-roading. Sand is your enemy.

Motorcycles why not

Do you delight in terror? Do you get goosepumps at butt pain? The Orwellian math says two wheels are better than four.

Custom trucks

What they lack in practicality and sound engineering they make up for in being extremely uncomfortable.

the occasional bus

It may not be able to corner effectively but it sure doesn't have good shocks either. Attractive!

Cult transport

Was this a sex thing? Pretty sure it was a sex thing.

oh sure deloreans

1.21 gigawatts of style.

Drunken winnebagos

When in doubt always go with a mobile bar theme. Make a lot of friends.

high class toyotas

Be still my waggish heart.

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