we don't know where we're going

but this is where we went

500 miles

Examples of our midnight-to-midnight motoring across highways, byways, and wrong ways

curious shit

Including abandoned hotels, amusement parks overgrown with graffiti and weeds, secret desert communities, and good eats

weird humans

Also: Naked piano players, methy artists, amused bartenders, and perplexed hotel clerks

cops, maybe

One guy who got searched had eggs in his pockets

you went where?

LA to Tombstone

Crawled on the Cabazon Dinosaurs. Drank at The Lumber Mill Bar and Grill. Had a good sniff at Bombay Beach. Slapped fives at Hot Rods and Beer. Walked the Bridge to Nowhere. Drag raced at Datelan Army Airfield. Worshipped with the satanists at The Domes. Dropped some bombs at the Airplane Boneyard. Wrestled with bartenders in Tombstone, Arizona.

were there bears?

Brooklyn to maine

Sacrificed ourselves at The Gates of Hell. Shalom'd at the poorest town in America. Explored an abandoned summer camp. Went insane at a shuttered asylum. Skinny dipped at an off-limits beach. Fondled the statues at an art garden. Climbed North America's largest glacial boulder. Attracted the constabulary in Auburn, Maine.

no bears, several courtesans

LA to Death valley

Poured one out at Paul Walker's crash site. Rode a dinosaur. Did Kung-Fu with Quan Yin. Visited the bottle tree ranch. Explored an abandoned air base. Made friends with amateur rocketeers. Visited Manson's ranch. Went ghosthunting in Chloride City. Discovered an abandoned helicopter. Convinced a brothel to throw us a party.

there were in fact bears

San francisco to Yosemite

Slid down a giant slide. Broke bread with Father Junipero Serra. Did weird art things with weird artists. Passed Go on the world's largest Monopoly board. Logged in a 19th century mining town. Visited the great pumpkin. Ate BBQ in an airplane. Swung from the vines in a giant treehouse. Lake party.