Rental Car Rally

In a world filled with "rules", there's a midnight car rally where handsome people dress up in costumes and visit curious locations in, uh, rental cars. 

the fuck?


The checkpoints

Every rally includes checkpoints like abandoned amusement parks, haunted insane asylums, missile silos, dilapidated buildings, ghost towns, waterfalls, giant tree houses, and usually a diner willing to serve people dressed like horses.

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The costumes

Rental Car Rally is a "navigational and looking handsome" challenge. You win by hitting all the checkpoints in the least amount of distance while looking <chef kiss>. 

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The vehicles

"Creative, preferably shitty, and comically adorned." We strongly encourage you to create a vehicle that engenders squeals of delight from your fellow competitors, bemused looks from gas station attendants and, in the best cases, jaw-dropped and bug-eyed stares from small town locals.