The world's

dumbest motoring


The biggest and dumbest 24-hour, 500-mile, midnight-to-midnight road rally and carnival

Rental Car Rally
the fuck?

Costumed idiocy for driving humans

Rental Car Rally is a 24-hour, midnight-to-midnight driving event where attractive people make dumb decisions

how in the?

gibberish humans visiting curiously odd places

Rental Car Rally

Imported directly from the Paleozoic Era, which isn't when dinosaurs are from but you don't know that.

Rental Car Rally

Over two hundred humans and human-like animals gather each rally. It's occasionally amorous but not weird at all.

Rental Car Rally

Pain definitely exists in this dojo. That pain is not sleeping.

Rental Car Rally
Success Stories

many people are saying

You are no longer allowed to stay at this Motel 6 or any other Motel 6 ever again.

Unamused manager

This is a military live fire range. Why are you wearing a Wendy's wig?

Kindly MP

Please pull your vehicle over to secondary inspection.

Attractive border guard

very silly stuff in many different places

European Rally 2025
European Rally 2025
$ 329 USD
1 ticket per team vehicle

Date TBD


Frequently Asked

The fuck?
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This is the silliest motoring event on the planet. Four hundred miles (or so) from point A to point B, with a variety of back roads, dirt roads, road roads, and uniquely odd checkpoints in between, which allow for delightful photos that will make your friends jealous and which you'll likely never visit again. Starts at midnight, ends at midnight, but the nonsense will live in your heart forever.

Where are we going?
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Somewhere quite fun and altogether different.

How much does this cost?
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Tickets are $329 per team. Then there's gas. Costumes. Snacks. All that. There's also a hotel. The rally provides a group rate. The cost of the hotel is around $129 per room and is not included in your ticket. So if you have four people on a team + two rooms + etc you're looking at about $200 per person for a weekend of poor decisions and forever memories.

Must I use a rental car?
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No, you mustn't.

So I can use my own?
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Yes, you can.

Will it get dirty?
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Fuck off.