Chicago 2024

Chicago 2024

$ 329 USD
1 ticket per team vehicle

Starting Line:
10pm somewhere in Chicago // Rally begins at midnight

Finish Line: Somewhere in Michigan. Or maybe Minnesota. It's a big secret k?

Finish line by 6pm Saturday. Awards ceremony approximately 10pm Saturday. Hotel, along with group discount rate, if applicable, made available after purchase. Your hotel room is not included in the ticket price, will sleep between 2-4 people, and will cost approximately $139.

One ticket per vehicle, fit as many people as you're comfortable being uncomfortable with for 24 hours

Ticket Types:

  • Standard: ticket + briefcase
  • Viterbo: ticket + briefcase + hotel room + steak on a platter
  • Jason Statham: ticket + briefcase + one shot of human adrenaline in an attractive carrying case.