The fuck?


In a world filled with "rules", there's a midnight car rally where handsome people dress up in costumes and visit curious locations in, uh, rental cars. 




How it works



Each rally follows the same format: starting line, drive to checkpoints, maybe get kidnapped, definitely get hit by an egg, finish line. 

The starting line in is secret. You receive the location the day of the rally. Starting line party starts at 10pm, rally begins at midnight.

At the starting line you receive a briefcase, which includes the checkpoints and other useful items. 


The checkpoints include abandoned amusement parks, haunted insane asylums, missile silos, dilapidated buildings, ghost towns, waterfalls, giant tree houses, and usually a diner willing to serve people dressed like horses.

The finish line is about 300 or so miles from where you started. There's a party. The winners receive a golden gas pump and $500 in loose change.



Rental Car Rally is a "navigational and looking handsome" challenge. You win by hitting all the checkpoints in the least amount of distance while looking <chef kiss>. Scoring is on a 100-point scale. Fifty points are for your navigation: Your odometer is recorded at the beginning and end of the rally. The other 50 points are for looking handsome: at the end of the rally, each team uses our super reliable mainframe scoring thingy to vote on their favorite teams. The team with the most votes gets 50 points, with lower scores calculated on a sliding scale.