Los Angeles 2018
from 85.00

Date: Friday July 13th, 2018
Destination: Secret for now
Start Time: 10pm Friday
End Time: ~10pm Saturday

Welcome to Los Angeles 2018, the 8th annual summer rally in Los Angeles (and 10th annual rally, ever) departing the City of Angels for backroads and misdemeanors unknown. 

Do you haz questions? We haz FAQ.

  • Standard Ticket: Entry + briefcase + checkpoints
  • Viterbo Ticket: Entry + briefcase + checkpoints + hotel room + steak on a platter
  • Captain Chaos Ticket: Entry + briefcase + checkpoints + one shot of human adrenaline in an attractive carrying case
  • Motorcycle Ticket: you are stupid, but ok

*NOTE: the entry fee covers ONE VEHICLE WITH UNLIMITED TEAM MEMBERS in that vehicle. The $85 ticket is for motorcycles only.

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