Creative, Preferably shitty, and Comically adorned

A Rental Car Rally vehicle can be any vehicle whatsoever, as long as a) you don't care too much about its Blue Book resale value and b) the car's costume is a glorious thing indeed.

There are very few rules to the rally, but we strongly encourage you to create a vehicle that engenders squeals of delight from your fellow competitors, bemused looks from gas station attendants and, in the best cases, jaw-dropped and bug-eyed stares from small town civilians.

In accordance with Rental Car Rally's name, you may of course rent a vehicle, but we ask that you invest mightily in its decorations. Showing up at the starting line with a few hastily applied stickers is poor form. You'll be disappointed and so will others.

Since the rally's ignominious beginnings back in 2008, we've seen limousines converted to Roman chariots, a red school bus remade into a pirate ship, and a Winnebago that served tiki drinks. The more creative your vehicle, the more charming you'll be, and the more friends you'll make, and the more likely you'll get out of tickets and ultimately find your destiny: His Glimmering Majesty. The Golden Gas Pump, Esquire.