to join the grand high septums of the shadow government on the one true quest for His Glimmering Majesty, The Golden Gas Pump of Destiny, Esquire, one must observe the following dicta: 

1. get vehicle

You may drive any vehicle, as long as you don't care too much about its Blue Book resale value. The shittier your vehicle, the more challenging the rally. The more challenging the rally, the more likely you'll need to rely on your creativity to survive the night, which keeps the blood flowing and reminds you that you're more than your social security number or your bookmarked porn. And the less likely you'll be upset when someone pours flour into your intake valves, which has happened.


2. Explore america

You like selfies? You'll love Rental Car Rally.  The backroads of the 48 contiguous are chockablock with treasures: ghosts towns, abandoned hospitals, dilapidated army bases, giant metal dinosaurs, haunted hotels, and the like. We scour the earth, and probably the Internet, to find these places, then give you a list of them to visit throughout the night. You sally forth, competing with the other rally teams to find these locations first, and pranking them along the way. 

3. food fight

We could tell you that you won't, at some point, probably while driving on a dusty backroad searching for some abandoned monument, be hit in the kisser with an egg. But if you're not being assaulted at nearly every turn by foodstuff-wielding assailants in costume, then where's the fun in that, hey?

Join the rally, save the world!

For every one ticket purchased, Rental Car Rally will ship a carton of eggs to a poor child somewhere, so he can plant those eggs and watch them grow into chickens.