Questions and such

1. It starts at 10pm, so we drive through the night?
Careen. You careen through the night. There is also occasional swerving.

2. Where do we sleep?
We reserve a block of rooms at a hotel. It's a pretty swell place. Has beds and everything.

3. Is the hotel included in the ticket price?
Not in the basic ticket, no. But the hotel, by virtue of being located in someplace you'd never willingly stop on your lonesome, is mighty inexpensive. Alternatively, If you're rich and/or lazy, you may purchase the Viterbo ticket, which includes a hotel room in the price (not to mention we bring you a cooked state on a silver platter at the starting line).

4. So what is included in the ticket price?
We choose the checkpoints, create the itinerary, and give you briefcases filled with mischief-making tools. And then we loose you upon the world to have a madcap, roving party that's one-half Cannonball Run, one part Wacky Races, and all parts titillating. It's great fun. Do join us sometime.

5. How far from the starting line are we going?
We could tell you, but where's the fun in that.

6. Must I rent a car? Can I use my own?
No, you mustn't. Yes, you can. But please read the Rally Vehicles section that we so laboriously constructed for your edification. Spanks.